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The Sheffield Hallam Coronavirus Appeal has been put in place to support students across the university who are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Sheffield Hallam University is one of the largest universities in the UK. We are home to over 30,000 students. 1 in 5 are from communities that are the least likely to access higher education and 41% are from low income households. Many of our students already balance their education alongside significant barriers to success, from family estrangement and caring responsibilities, to physical disabilities and mental ill health. Now another unprecedented challenge is facing them: Coronavirus.

During these difficult times our priority is keeping our students healthy and safe. The University has now transitioned all students to remote learning, and our support services are working incredibly hard to offer help and guidance to students whose studies have been severely disrupted by the closure of university campuses. But as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is felt across the country the need for emergency financial assistance for our most at risk students is becoming more acute, and requests for the University hardship fund are continuing to increase.

Hundreds of students have lost part-time jobs overnight and many will have parents also facing reduced income. Some are struggling to pay rent owed to private landlords after moving back home. Others face increased isolation as they do not have a safe home to go back to. And for all of our students who rely heavily on university resources, many have now lost access to the basic equipment they need to continue their studies.

The Sheffield Hallam Coronavirus Appeal will provide support to students that have been most seriously affected by this crisis so they can continue their studies.

The financial impact on students is significant and unprecedented, and will worsen over the coming months. Your support right now will allow us to act quickly and strengthen our ability to help students who are struggling to cope in the face of the damaging impact the coronavirus is having on all our lives.

How your donation could make a difference

• £25 could buy a week’s worth of food.

• £100 could purchase one month’s worth of essential supplies and groceries.

• £300 would provide a basic laptop or alternative equipment that can help a student who relied on campus facilities to study remotely.

• £500 could help fund access to equipment for specialist courses like architecture and engineering.

With thanks to donors to the Hallam Fund we have already been able to direct £10,000 to student hardship bursaries. But the need is already growing, and donations of any amount are incredibly appreciated. 100% of donations raised will be distributed directly to the students most in need.

If you are considering making a gift over £5,000 please get in touch with Cat Dale, Philanthropy Manager or on 0114 225 6421 to discuss how your gift could make a significant impact for our students.

Thank you for supporting the Hallam Community. Together, we will get through this.

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